Thursday, July 6, 2017


Droplets gathering outside the windowsill
Entangling the dust within its reels
Mesmerising dance of the clouds above
Calling hither all distant loves
Calling all the lovelorn hearts

Waking up to the thunderous roar
Sun hides itself from the drenched lore
Faking the presence of a jilted lover
Caring apparition but feelings fervour

Washing away sorrows and kinds
Waving far with stretched vines
Clearing thoughts which seldom arise
Making words fewer and wise

Creeping near the narrow lanes
Luscious figurines drenched in the rain
Hearts aflutter, harrowing minds
Cryptic mouths but souls divine

Not feeling the water conundrum
The clouds shudder and part ways
Revealing the glistening heavenly rays
Waking the earth up from its daze
Making it smell anew from a lovers embrace
Making it shine bright for the fragile sights
And washing away the distant bonds...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lover's Rant

When I say I want to be with you
Through all the hours, morning and night
I dont mean to be your shadow to guard your flight
But a hand to be held tight with pride.

When I say I need you,
In all the moment's sad or glory
All i ask is you to be cuddled to me
And find the peace within, that cries.

When you sleep at night with thoughts galore
And I lie by your side with a vision so pure
Just love binds us both in a heavenly embrace
While you sleep in haste.

And I believe you know, how it feels.

How it feels to change the course of the day,
From parks and mansions to house and gardens
From holding hands to walking behind
From a lovers kiss to a partner's miss..

Fights and nights..lonely and distant
Questions the hour..of our loving existence
More the merrier yet you talk me wrong
Just a hug...and its all long gone...

Love, to you I wish
To cast a glance..
To daily chores and a heavenly stance
Let it all be the same in the name of him
Who lives in my life...and my dream..

Am I too loud in wishing the same?
In your name? 

Monday, August 23, 2010


It was a rainy day when I made a decision,
A decision that would change my life,
A decision that was impossible even days before that night..
But I dint have a choice, but to forgive and forgo
Cause everything is not in my matter how i crave to be in control.

To think about it in simple terms, I lost what i treasured most,
To be the one and only, to be in peace, to be the core..
Then I thought why? Why should I lie? Lie to self?
Lie I did..Lie I tried...
But failed..miserable failure...forgot the existence of beings immortal.

Life goes on as some say..
This way? Shattered and broken..trespassed within?
Is it me who is at fault? Or is it a way to test my perseverance?
Expectations were all I high..but dint lie...
And then I found how useless efforts were..trying to bind water with sand.

Now I let you go wherever you want..
Just dont say I dint try..dint try to mend your ways..
Dint try to make you mine...but you were always lost..
Lost in your thoughts and were never wrong..
I realized my mistake was to think I had you forever..all time..all mine..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Seemingly melancholy but no where near it,
Confused identity but not unawares of it,
Distracted individualism, but soothing within,
Seek, forever the glory, seek, no worries...

Simultaneous wishes, strange instance
Desperation and madness, self existence!
Calling out for favours from distant and far
Calling out your name wherever you are...

Come hither...come to me,
Come running...come fuming...
Come at once..but silence shall prevail,
Cause your shadows must not entail..

No one shall see,
Now that you belong to me
We shall make merry,
We shall be one...we shall be all that no one can..

But silence must one shall know,
Its my heart that calls out..
My veins that fail..
My voice that trails in the distant wind...
But silence must prevail...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Prokashito Obosheshey....

Tomaye dekhtey khub ichche hoye jano,
Jokhon shei raastar opare dariye tumi hasho,
Jokhon dekhcho ami bhoy kator prane,
Kangal chokhey takiye tomar dikey..
Hothaat jeno jhoro hawar moton,
Chutey tumi asho amar kachey,
Bhoy? Kisher bhoy?
Bhoyshunyo ami...ek nimisheyi tomar pashey..

Tomaye dekhtey aro ichche hoye jano,
Jokhon chutir din-ey baritey boshey ami,
Bhabi ki korey pabo tomaye shathey,
Golpo korey juriye debo bikel,
Raat porbe ojantei ei dikey,
Shudhu dekhbo tomar kotha bolar dhoron,
Ki bhabey je bhuley jai, na jani,
Boltey ki chai...shei oshohaye ami...

Abar kokhun dekhtey chai jano?
Kaal jokhon bhabchilam tumi kothaye,
Boshey ondhokaarey amar ghorey,
Jokhon bhabchilam tomaye jigesh kori ebar,
Hothat shuni dorjay shei daak,
Chuttey jai ami...dariye tumi..
Bekul praney nistobdho shei khushi,
Tumi ashley bolei khushitey pagol ami..!

Ki boka ami!
Din khon shomoye dilam bole,
Boloto kokhun ichche aro beshi?
Dekhtey chai tomaye amar pashey...
Shorbotro...shob dikey amar...
Shorbokhon..proti ta muhurtey tumi..
Ashbe bolo? Thakbe to amar pashey?
Gobhir ei ichche......prokashito obosheshey...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Innocence Justified...

You know everything, I salute your knowledge
You know how roads stretch, the sun sets
The birds flutter, the child cries of hunger
You know the day from the night, the wrong from the right
The rotten pasta and the cut before it bleeds
Crimson dreams, warm hugs, you know how to make sure it lasts
Just spare a thought, do you know me?
The endless wait on the streets
The gasp with every breathe
The shaky touch the unsure caress
The silence the tears the smile the fears
How many times have you made sure I smiled?
How many times have you read what I thought?
You say you know it say you care..
Justify my tears then?
Without ignoring the fact that I am immature
Without ignoring the fact that I am a kid
Tell me what you get when you see me bleed..
Blood from my heart...blood from my veins
Justifying your presence in my existence...


Poorer me for the poorer soul, unfinished wishes, etched roles..
Celebrated life forgiven times, sympathy and love for whose story's untold..
Standing in the queue I see lives pass by..
But others see me shoving away the one who cries...
Let alone thoughts gathering here and there..pushing and nudging, is life for me fair?
Money and name its all in the game, too much inquisitiveness, ahh! Thats a shame!
Then I see why such hypocrisy, its me I am a girl, my life is only what all foresee..
Poorer me for the poorer soul, unfinished wishes, etched roles...
Celebrated life forgiven times, sympathy and love for whose story's untold...