Saturday, July 10, 2010

Innocence Justified...

You know everything, I salute your knowledge
You know how roads stretch, the sun sets
The birds flutter, the child cries of hunger
You know the day from the night, the wrong from the right
The rotten pasta and the cut before it bleeds
Crimson dreams, warm hugs, you know how to make sure it lasts
Just spare a thought, do you know me?
The endless wait on the streets
The gasp with every breathe
The shaky touch the unsure caress
The silence the tears the smile the fears
How many times have you made sure I smiled?
How many times have you read what I thought?
You say you know it say you care..
Justify my tears then?
Without ignoring the fact that I am immature
Without ignoring the fact that I am a kid
Tell me what you get when you see me bleed..
Blood from my heart...blood from my veins
Justifying your presence in my existence...