Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Seemingly melancholy but no where near it,
Confused identity but not unawares of it,
Distracted individualism, but soothing within,
Seek, forever the glory, seek, no worries...

Simultaneous wishes, strange instance
Desperation and madness, self existence!
Calling out for favours from distant and far
Calling out your name wherever you are...

Come hither...come to me,
Come running...come fuming...
Come at once..but silence shall prevail,
Cause your shadows must not entail..

No one shall see,
Now that you belong to me
We shall make merry,
We shall be one...we shall be all that no one can..

But silence must one shall know,
Its my heart that calls out..
My veins that fail..
My voice that trails in the distant wind...
But silence must prevail...

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Sayan said...

sotty darun....dis is a real bluegrass staff