Monday, August 23, 2010


It was a rainy day when I made a decision,
A decision that would change my life,
A decision that was impossible even days before that night..
But I dint have a choice, but to forgive and forgo
Cause everything is not in my matter how i crave to be in control.

To think about it in simple terms, I lost what i treasured most,
To be the one and only, to be in peace, to be the core..
Then I thought why? Why should I lie? Lie to self?
Lie I did..Lie I tried...
But failed..miserable failure...forgot the existence of beings immortal.

Life goes on as some say..
This way? Shattered and broken..trespassed within?
Is it me who is at fault? Or is it a way to test my perseverance?
Expectations were all I high..but dint lie...
And then I found how useless efforts were..trying to bind water with sand.

Now I let you go wherever you want..
Just dont say I dint try..dint try to mend your ways..
Dint try to make you mine...but you were always lost..
Lost in your thoughts and were never wrong..
I realized my mistake was to think I had you forever..all time..all mine..


Anu said...

hey r u sad dear?
plz dnt b...b the chirpy young girl alwz...:)

Nilanjana said...

@ Anu

Hey dear..I am good...its just one of those ''moods'' that forced me to write always happy u know that...cause everything happens for a reason n the reason is always good..!! :)

Souji's INN said...

Very Nice piece of work indeed..

DIPANJAN said...
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Dipanjan said...

Very nice post indeed, sometimes in life we need to take some decisions that might change our life, but we all are very reluctant to break out of our comfort zone.

Padmini Murthy said...

Wow..its a superb piece of work