Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lover's Rant

When I say I want to be with you
Through all the hours, morning and night
I dont mean to be your shadow to guard your flight
But a hand to be held tight with pride.

When I say I need you,
In all the moment's sad or glory
All i ask is you to be cuddled to me
And find the peace within, that cries.

When you sleep at night with thoughts galore
And I lie by your side with a vision so pure
Just love binds us both in a heavenly embrace
While you sleep in haste.

And I believe you know, how it feels.

How it feels to change the course of the day,
From parks and mansions to house and gardens
From holding hands to walking behind
From a lovers kiss to a partner's miss..

Fights and nights..lonely and distant
Questions the hour..of our loving existence
More the merrier yet you talk me wrong
Just a hug...and its all long gone...

Love, to you I wish
To cast a glance..
To daily chores and a heavenly stance
Let it all be the same in the name of him
Who lives in my life...and my dream..

Am I too loud in wishing the same?
In your name? 

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