Thursday, July 6, 2017


Droplets gathering outside the windowsill
Entangling the dust within its reels
Mesmerising dance of the clouds above
Calling hither all distant loves
Calling all the lovelorn hearts

Waking up to the thunderous roar
Sun hides itself from the drenched lore
Faking the presence of a jilted lover
Caring apparition but feelings fervour

Washing away sorrows and kinds
Waving far with stretched vines
Clearing thoughts which seldom arise
Making words fewer and wise

Creeping near the narrow lanes
Luscious figurines drenched in the rain
Hearts aflutter, harrowing minds
Cryptic mouths but souls divine

Not feeling the water conundrum
The clouds shudder and part ways
Revealing the glistening heavenly rays
Waking the earth up from its daze
Making it smell anew from a lovers embrace
Making it shine bright for the fragile sights
And washing away the distant bonds...

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